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Phone Star Board 15mm 0.8m x 1.2m x 15mm NOTE (Minimum order 10 boards) 1 £25.20 £25.20 
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Phone Star Twin 10mm 0.8m x 1.2m x 10mm NOTE (Minimum order 14 boards) 1 £18.25 £18.25 
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Phone Star Tape 50m x 50mm 1 £8.95 £8.95 
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Soundproofing with Phonestar Boards

Phonestar also known as Karma Panel is an award winning German sound insulation board. It is constructed from totally environmentally friendly products; wood derivatives and silica It significantly reduces both impact and airborne sound and at only 15mm thickness boasts an airborne improvement of 36db (Rw in isolation) Phonestar soundproofing boards significantly reduces both, airborne and impact sound through walls, floors and ceilings. For its thickness and weight it provides an exceptional level of soundproofing.

The performance of the board in isolation has been shown to reduce airborne sound by 36 dB. But when combined with an existing floor wall or ceiling the performance will be much higher.

Not only is it a great product for reducing airborne sound but it is excellent for impact sound reduction. It has been shown to reduce impact sound by 21dB ( lw).

Phonestar boards can be used as part of a regulation E solution.


PhoneStar boards incorporate three key features of good soundproofing.

"Slack" bulk core
In other words a lot of loose mass. Which is the perfect combination for soundproofing. It incorporates resilience into its structure at the granular level. A property which is unique within a board. This it achieves through a loose filled compressed quartz sand filling

Multi layered
The multi-rippled structure of the frame means that sound waves are broken up struggling to pass through each irregular layer. All good sound proofing systems are multi layered.

Resilient internal construction
Not only is the core creating its own resilience but the packaging itself is a loose structure being of corrugated cardboard that contains the loose silica quartz filling.       

The net effect is remarkably little resonance within the board.     


phonestar board core crossection

phonestar board carcass

Phone star provides amazing airborne sound insulation within Rw=36 dB

PhoneStar is only 15mm thick and has the equivalent airborne sound insulation of a simple stud wall in dry construction. ( Plasterboard 50mm stud Plasterboard). The performance is achieved due to the unique nature of the board construction with loose grains of sand in the board oscillating when stuck by sound energy creating microscopically small vibrations. Acoustic energy is thus converted to kinetic energy and dissipated in the board itself.

The graph shows the airborne sound insulation of a 15 mm plate for the individual frequencies. The measurement was performed in a door test.

The airborne sound insulation as a single value is Rw = 36 dB. To give a guide to this the human ear would discern a 10 db fall as a halving of the sound it hears. 20dB would in theory cut the original sound by 75% ad 30 db by 82.5%.

The unique design of the Phonestar board means that it performance well at low frequency where other sound proofing often falls short. At this coincidence dip point, as it is known, the Phone Star returns an impressive 20 dB sound reduction.

phonestar perfomance
  • 36dB (Rw, -4Ctr) Airborne sound insulation
  • 21dB (∆Lw) Impact sound insulation
  • Soundproofing for Walls, Floors and Ceilings whether constructed from timber, steel or solid substrate
  • For new build, conversion, remedial and refurbishment projects
  • Phonewell® is a Natural Product which is breathable, pollutant free and odourless
  • Only 15mm thick which avoids problems with door thresholds and re-fitting skirting in refurbishments
  • Easy to fit and cut with simple butt joints and does not require flanking strips
  • Speed of installation time and low cost labour
  • Acoustic insulation which adds Thermal Mass to lightweight structures
  • Excellent with underfloor heating
  • Comparable sound insulation results to Robust Detail floating floors which are a minimum 107mm thick
  • Provides a solid floor feel underfoot unlike  other squashy acoustic floor systems
  • Sound insulation performance actually improves by 3dB when a hard surface is fitted on to it
  • Supports 5kN/m² loading criteria application usage(tested to 60 tonne/m²)
  • Contributes to Code for Sustainable Homes points
  • DIBt German Agrément Certificate awarded and full BBA Agrément Certification.
  • Phonewell® soundproofing has been recognized with the ‘Most Innovative Construction Product Award’ in Germany.






Phonestar applications

Data Provided by German Manufacturers

Laying Phonestar on concrete floors

Laying Phonestar on wooden floors

Use on stud walls

Use on solid walls

Use on concrete ceilings

Use on wooden ceilings