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Celotex FF4075 75mm Unit price £ (£0.00 inc VAT) See below for multi-buy discounts*  







Product Summary

Celotex FF4000 is a product range aimed specifically at the under floor heating market where the increased compressive strength of the board provides better dimensional stability and resistance to site traffic during installation whilst the foam structure ensures better pipe clip retention.

Where you are not using clips we would recommend using the normal Celotex GA4000 Boards which have better availability and are cheaper. The thermal performance of the boards is the same.

Celotex FF 4000 Boards

Cleotex FF4000 Boards

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Product Name Size Unit Price Multi-Buy Price* Qty. SubTotal Final Price Ex VAT Discount %
Foil backed Jointing Tape 100mm *45m 100mm*45m £8.27 £7.44 
£0.00 £0.00 0.00 %
Foil backed Jointing Tape 75mm *45m 75mm*45m £6.19 £5.57 
£0.00 £0.00 0.00 %
Foil backed Jointing Tape 50mm *45m 50mm*45m £4.42 £3.98 
£0.00 £0.00 0.00 %


Product Description

  • With Celotex FF4000 you are specifying an insulation board that:

    • Is a specialist product specifically aimed at the under floor heating market
    • Ensures minimal downward heat loss into structure 
    • Uses the foam structure to ensure better pipe clip retention 
    • Is easy to cut and fit into most spaces 


Product Application

Comparing the Performance of FF4000 and GA4000 boards

  Thickness mm R-value (m²K/W) Weight (kg/m²)
FF4050 50 2.25 1.81
GA4050 50 2.25 1.55
FF4070 70 3.15 2.45
GA4070 70 3.15 2.17
FF4075 75 3.4 2.65
GA4075 75 3.4 2.32
FF4085 85 3.85 2.93
GA4080 80 3.6 2.46
FF4090 90 4.05 3.09
GA4090 90 4.05 2.74
FF4100 100 4.5 3.41
GA4100 100 4.5 3.28
FF4125 125 5.65 4.21

We can see there is no performance difference from a insulation standpoint . It is just a question of different board densities.



Cleotex GA4000 Boards
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