Celotex Thermal Insualtion Boards

At Planet Insulation we supply the whole Celotex range: Celotex GA4000 range (which includes the TB4000 and XR4000 products)Celotex PL range (a plasterboard backed board), and Celotex cavity wall insulation. Celotex insulation boards are the ideal product whatever you thermal insulation needs are. Here is a breakdown of the range by function:

The unique Celotex online U-value calculator generates a U-value specific to the chosen construction and enables you to input a range of different construction parameters to evaluate their impact on thermal performance.

Below we look at the three major product ranges: the TB/GA/XR foil backed PIR range, the PL plasterboard backed range, and the CW cavity wall range.

Celotex TB4000/GA4000/XR4000 Range

The first thing to make clear is that the Celotex TB, GA, and XR are the same foil-backed PIR boards, but different thickness:

TB: 12mm to 40mm

GA: 50mm to 100mm

XR: 110mm to 150mm

Further, these are the replacement for the TB/GA/XR3000 series, although those names are still sometimes used to mean this product. 


These products are comparable with the Kingspan Therma range, and can be used in pretty much any application - from roof to wall to underfloor heating - and is designed to be cut to fit between rafters and joists to achieve a lower U-value than a single layer of insulation would achieve traditionally.

Product Name Size Unit Price Qty. Sub Total
 Celotex 12mm Foil Backed PIR Boards TB4012 (No Longer Available)
2400mm x 1200mm £0.00 £0.00
 Celotex 25mm Foil Backed PIR Boards TB4025
2400mm x 1200mm £21.54 £0.00
 Celotex 30mm Foil Backed PIR Boards TB4030
2400mm x 1200mm £25.71 £0.00
 Celotex 40mm Foil Backed PIR Boards TB4040
2400mm x 1200mm £29.86 £0.00
 Celotex 50mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4050
2400mm x 1200mm £28.43 £0.00
 Celotex 60mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4060
2400mm x 1200mm £43.40 £0.00
 Celotex 70mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4070
2400mm x 1200mm £50.40 £0.00
 Celotex 75mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4075
2400mm x 1200mm £43.26 £0.00
 Celotex 80mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4080
2400mm x 1200mm £57.30 £0.00
 Celotex 90mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4090
2400mm x 1200mm £63.35 £0.00
 Celotex 100mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4100
2400mm x 1200mm £53.42 £0.00
 Celotex 120mm Foil Backed PIR Boards XR4120
2400mm x 1200mm £63.00 £0.00
 Celotex 130mm Foil Backed PIR Boards XR4130
2400mm x 1200mm £81.96 £0.00
 Celotex 140mm Foil Backed PIR Boards XR4140
2400mm x 1200mm £73.06 £0.00
 Celotex 150mm Foil Backed PIR Boards XR4150
2400mm x 1200mm £76.94 £0.00

Celotex PL4000 Range

A thermal laminate product featuring 12.5mm tapered edge plasterboard bonded to a high performance, rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board, PL4000 reduces installation time by combining thermal insulation and an internal lining in one operation.

Suitable for use in new build and refurbishment projects, PL4000 can be fixed across the face of timber frame studs, or joists and rafters in pitched and cold (ventilated) flat roofs. It can also be fixed to the internal face of existing solid walls or cavity walls to upgrade their thermal performance.

Product Name Size Unit Price Qty. Sub Total
 Celotex PL4025 25mm Insulation+12.5mm Plasterboard
2400mm x 1200mm £52.97 £0.00
 Celotex PL4040 40mm Insualtion+12.5mm Plasterboard
2400mm x 1200mm £62.66 £0.00
 Celotex PL4050 50mm Insualtion+12.5mm Plasterboard
2400mm x 1200mm £66.21 £0.00
 Celotex PL4060 60mm Insualtion+12.5mm Plasterboard
2400mm x 1200mm £79.90 £0.00

Celotex CW4000 Range

A partial fill insulation solution for masonry cavity walls, Celotex CW4000 is a high performance, rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board suitable for use in new buildings and extensions. Sized to fit between cavity wall ties, it is easy to handle and install.
Product Name Size Unit Price Qty. Sub Total
 Celotex CW4050 50mm Cavity Board (Pack of 11) cover 5.94m2
1200mm x 450mm £66.03 £0.00
 Celotex CW4060 60mm Cavity Board (Pack of 10) covers 5.40m2
1200mm x 450mm £120.04 £0.00
 Celotex CW4075 75mm Cavity Board (Pack of 8) covers 4.32m2
1200mm x 450mm £70.99 £0.00
 Celotex CW4040 40mm Cavity Board (Pack of 14) cover 7.56m2
1200mm x 450mm £83.57 £0.00
 Celotex CW4100 100mm Cavity Board (Pack of 6) covers 3.24m2
1200mm x 450mm £69.20 £0.00
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