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The Gyproc ThermaLine Range

As insulation standards change thermal laminates are easy to upgrade - no post-construction filling of cavities or external cladding. Thermal laminates are relatively lightweight boards and require no additional structural support Completely clear cavities can be maintained - the best form of protection against rain penetration over a long period, particularly in exposed locations. Thermal laminates eliminate cold bridging when installed continuously over framing members or joists l Internal dry lining and insulation in just one fixing operation - meaning buildings can be completed faster. Rapid response to intermittent heating - creating comfortable living conditions for the occupant more quickly. Reduced risk of condensation - a key factor when designing domestic dwellings. Wide product range to meet the Building Regulations on a variety of masonry or timber frame walls, new-build or refurbishment. Can also contribute additional insulation to roof linings - for typical 3 storey constructions or room-in the-roof conversions. Gyproc ThermaLine thermal laminates not only deliver excellent insulation performance, but can also provide vapour control and a first-class plastering or decorating surface in one board.

In housing terms, a decade is not a long time, so, in July 2000 when John Prescott launched his campaign to ensure that all social housing meets agreed standards of decency by 2010, he set social landlords an extremely demanding target. Most have, naturally, gone for the ‘quick wins?first, leaving many of the more difficult challenges yet to be addressed. ‘Hard-To-Treat-Homes?(HTTH) are doubly frustrating to the Government, since they are not only, by definition, difficult to upgrade to reasonable standards of comfort and energy efficiency, but they often house the lower socio-economic groups who can’t afford today’s high fuel bills.

Hard to treat homes are often of solid wall construction, so thermal upgrading is generally only possible using external insulation, which can be expensive and disruptive, or insulated dry lining. Modern dry lining techniques, using British Gypsum’s Gyproc ThermaLine thermal laminates, offer real benefits in the HTTH sector as they help to prevent future deterioration of the structure whilst offering a simple insulation upgrade coupled with a new high quality internal lining.

Gyproc ThermaLine laminates are ideal for upgrading solid walls, where the highest performing Gyproc ThermaLine SUPER will achieve ‘U?values as low as 0.35W/m2K, although they are also commonly used in combination with injected cavity insulation to top-up ‘U?values in old double brick or brick/high density block cavity walls.

They are particularly beneficial in older homes, where the structure is prone to, or has already started to, deteriorate as a result of persistent damp or condensation. Once any damp has been properly treated, lining with Gyproc ThermaLine laminates will help to maintain the internal surface above dew point temperature, thus helping to prevent surface condensation ?a major cause of damp and mould growth - occurring during the room warm-up period.

When used in conjunction with either an integral or separate vapour control layer, the laminates will also prevent damaging interstitial condensation within the structure, and thus avoid further damp-based structural deterioration.

Finally, any damage that has occurred is then obscured behind a new high quality plasterboard lining, which can be simply skimmed or taped and jointed prior to decoration, ensuring minimum disturbance to occupants.

For the tenant, there are clear benefits to be gained through internal dry lining. Being located to the room side of the wall structure, Gyproc ThermaLine laminates react quickly to space heating. The heat is retained within the room, rather than being absorbed by the dense masonry walls, which ensures quicker warm-up and a more comfortable, modern living environment, with warm-to-touch surfaces further enhancing comfort conditions.

The range of Gyproc ThermaLine laminates, with different thicknesses and grades of insulant giving different performance levels, allows the lining to be engineered to suit the particular requirements of the property.

Gyproc ThermaLine laminates can usually be fixed directly to the wall using Gyproc Drywall Adhesive or Gyproc Sealant, or, where there are major background irregularities, using the GypLyner metal frame wall lining system. This quick-fit stud and frame system will accommodate background irregularities of up to 125mm, creating a cavity, which can be used for services, or filled with mineral wool insulation for further improved thermal or acoustic performance.

Where rising damp has led to a new damp proof course installation, plaster linings will normally have been removed to around waist height as part of the process. Gyproc ThermaLine laminates can be applied directly to the exposed brickwork, provided that the wall has thoroughly dried out, or alternatively, the area can be replastered using Thistle Dri-Coat, a cement-based plaster specially developed by British Gypsum for this application.

Elsewhere throughout the property, correct internal lining selection will help to improve comfort levels for occupants, and reduce future damage to the property. Plasterboard linings should be selected to suit the particular needs of individual rooms/areas. In bedrooms, for instance, Gyproc SoundBloc linings will help to improve sound performance; Gyproc Moisture Resistant board should be considered for kitchens and bathrooms, where high moisture levels can be expected, whilst Gyproc DuraLine will help to reduce impact damage in corridors or stairwells in multi-occupancy dwellings.

Whilst the cost of new products and systems is obviously a major consideration for any refurbishment, recent changes in legislation and landfill costs, and increased environmental concerns, mean that the cost of disposing of site waste ?including plasterboard, which has recently been subjected to much more onerous disposal legislation, is becoming increasingly important.

As market leader in its field, British Gypsum has pioneered the development of plasterboard recycling in the UK, and can now recycle up to 100,000 tonnes of reclaimed and waste plasterboard every year.

Initially focussed at the new-build housing sector, the company’s Plasterboard Recycling Service is now being extended to main contractor customers. Once the contractor is signed up to the British Gypsum PRS, sorted ‘clean?plasterboard waste is collected from nominated sites in either special ‘Dumpy?bags or skips, for recycling and then re-feeding into the plasterboard production process.

As well as the obvious benefits in reducing landfill costs, PRS also encourages more efficient waste segregation and management, and helps improve site safety as the waste is no longer left around the site. There are also clear and immediate environmental and sustainability benefits for the project both directly, and indirectly, as the waste is eventually re-fed into the manufacturing process, reducing the requirement for virgin raw materials.

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 Gyproc Thermaline Basic 22mm ( this is 10mm inuslation + 12mm plasterboard) 2400mm*1200mm £18.65 £17.72 
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 Gyproc Thermaline Basic 30mm Board thickness overall board 30mm ( This is 20mm inuslation+10mm plasterboard) 2400mm*1200mm £20.66 £19.63 
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 Gyproc Thermaline Basic 40mm Board thickness 40mm (30mm insulation +10mm plasterboard) 2400mm*1200mm £23.54 £22.36 
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 Gyproc Thermaline Plus 27mm Board thickness 27mm( 17.5mm insulation + 9.5mm plasterboard) 2400mm*1200mm £27.81 £26.42 
£0.00 £0.00 0.00 %
 Gyproc Thermaline Plus 35mm Board thickness 35mm( 25mm insulation + 10mm plasterboard) 2400mm*1200mm £31.33 £29.76 
£0.00 £0.00 0.00 %
 Gyproc Thermaline Plus 40mm Board thickness 40mm ( 30mm insulation + 10mm plasterboard) 2400mm*1200mm £34.84 £33.10 
£0.00 £0.00 0.00 %
 Gyproc Thermaline Plus 48mm Board thickness48mm ( 35mm insulation + 12mm plasterboard) 2400mm*1200mm £36.78 £35.49 
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 Gyproc Thermaline Super 50mm Board thickness 50mm ( 40mm insulation + 10mm plasterboard) 2400mm*1200mm £51.44 £48.87 
£0.00 £0.00 0.00 %
 Gyproc Thermaline Super 60mm Board thickness 60mm ( 50mm insulation + 10mm plasterboard) 2400mm*1200mm £61.21 £58.15 
£0.00 £0.00 0.00 %
 Gyproc Thermaline Super 70mm Board thickness 70mm (60mm insulation + 10mm plasterboard) 2400mm*1200mm £68.87 £65.43 
£0.00 £0.00 0.00 %