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Help us to help the planet!

For a number of years now Planet insulation has been donating to charities. Our most popular has been the Rain forest Foundation to whom we have donated several thousand pounds thanks to you making the decision to pay by debit card. For an explanation on how we do this just see below. We are now actively looking for new suggestions of charities that could do with our help. If you like idea and make a purchase with us ( by debit card of course!) we would love to hear of a charity that you might like us to get involved in.


Master card and Visa charge us substantial amounts per transaction. We would rather donate to a good cause than to large credit card companies.SO please, if you can chose today to pay by switch/debit card then you can help us to help the planet. Planet Insulation wants to make a difference. If you purchase your materials through us and pay by switch or debit card, we will contribute 1.5% of your total payment to one of three chosen charities. You pay nothing extra. But we will ask you to select the project which appeals most to you personally. Take time to read about the individual causes and then simply follow the instructions.

If you want to add to our donation you can do so by

These are our current projects:

Pratical Action

Poverty condemns around half of the world's population to use solid fuels, primarily wood and coal, for cooking and heating their homes. The smoke produced turns kitchens into death traps. According to the World Trade Organisation, wood smoke is a cause of nearly two million deaths a year, many children. That is a life lost every 20 seconds - a death toll greater than that caused by malaria. Furthermore, much of the heat is lost rather than going into the cooking pot and this inefficiency means much more fuelwood is needed. Wood is a scarce resource in many parts of the world and is often unsustainably harvested - leading to deforestation. Your money will buy safe, efficient stoves for villagers in Gatlang, Nepal. These substantially reduce CO2 emissions, reduce fuelwood demands and provide a safer environment for the family. One household stove will save 1.5 tonnes CO2 per year.


Climate Care

Help us offset your carbon emissions! Each time you heat your home, take a flight or drive your car, CO2 is added into the atmosphere. "Offsetting" means paying someone (in this case, the organization known as Climate Care) to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by the same amount that your activities add. In this way you can 'neutralise' or 'balance' the CO2 you have created in your everyday life. For example: 10 would offset 4000 miles of driving an average sized car (1.3 tonnes of CO2), 30 would offset 3 short haul flights or 1 long haul flight (4 tonnes CO2)


Rainforest Foundation

The destruction of rainforests is one of the major contributors to global climate change. It is estimated that deforestation causes one third of all CO2 releases produced by people. We are removing forests from the planet at a faster rate than they can grow back. An area of forest equal to the size of 20 football pitches is lost every minute. To date, the Rainforest Foundation has assisted indigenous people in protecting an area of rainforest the size of Scotland and Wales (98,000km2). Help them to continue to protect even more: Our donation of 5 could buy 10 seedlings for replanting native trees or 20 could protect an acre of virgin forest.