Wall Insulation

In general the insulation is done internally if it is retrofitted, or within the brick courses if it is a new build. The main products for retrofitting insulation on walls are made by the three biggest suppliers Kingspan, Celotex and British Gypsum. These boards come in two varieties, those backed with plasterboard and those not.

Normal Thermal Boards (Not plasterboard backed)

These are foil backed on both sides and are by far and away the most popular selling. The Celotex GA4000 range and Kingspan TP10 range are to all intents, indistinguishable, from a thermal performance perspective. The new regulations have meant that greater and greater thickness are now required to achieve the required U value. For walls this is likely to be in the region of 70mm of insulation but this is very much dependent on the wall construction (i.e. brick or block cavity or non cavity)

Plasterboard Backed (Kingspan K17 & K18, Thermaline Boards and Celotex Pl Range)

If you select a plasterboard backed product to go on your wall the main factors to think about are "How am I going to fit the product?" and "How thermally efficient is the product?":

Fixing Choices

  • You can either fix mechanically with screws or you can dot and dab (glue) the product with dry wall adhesive
  • With the Gyproc Thermaline range you can dot and dab or mechanically fix the whole range
  • Kingspan have divided their boards between mechanical fix Kingspan K18 and Dot and Dab Kingspan K17
  • Celotex provides a PL4000 board which can be glued or screwed
Where the choice is to mechanically fix, this is typically achieved by screwing through the insulation, either into battens or direct into the party wall. Screwing into battens is the preferred method as it easier to do and provides a more stable fixing. It also adds an air gap which is necessary where damp may be a issue. Typically a 25mm air gap is required. Dot and Dabbing is the term used to describe putting dollops of adhesive on the wall and pushing the boards into place.

Thermal Efficiency

Key to making the right board choice is understanding thermal efficiency of boards. Boards use different insulants which perform differently. These range from lower efficiency expanded polystyrene to high efficiency phenolic foam. The better the efficiency the more you pay; and the thinner the product is, therefore the less space you lose for the same amount of insulation.

Thermal Efficiency Of Boards Ranked Lowest To Highest

  • The least thermal efficient and therefore cheapest is Gyproc Thermaline Basic The insulator is expanded polystyrene
  • Gyproc Thermaline Plus - The insulation is extruded (a much more solid polystyrene)
  • Celotex PL4000 boards - The insulation here is PIR Foam
  • Kingspan K17 and K18 and Thermaline Super - The insulation here being phenolic foam, which is the most efficient of the insulating materials listed

Deciding On A Home Insulation Product

Your choice is often arrived at by weighing up the merits of space lost and the price of the boards. The better the performance of the insulation materials the higher the price.

Kingspan TP10, TF70 and TW55 PIR Boards

Kingspan TP10, TW55 and TF70 (all the same board) are high-performance, rigid PIR panels with a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK. They are an ideal home insulation product for use as wall insulation, floor insulation, and pitched rooves and ceilings, and are the equivalent of Celotex's GA4000 range.

Product Name Size Unit Price Qty. Sub Total
 Kingspan 25mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £20.33 £0.00
 Kingspan 30mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £35.67 £0.00
 Kingspan 40mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £26.52 £0.00
 Kingspan 50mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £32.80 £0.00
 Kingspan 60mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £39.86 £0.00
 Kingspan 70mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £47.69 £0.00
 Kingspan 75mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £52.90 £0.00
 Kingspan 80mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £55.04 £0.00
 Kingspan 90mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £59.32 £0.00
 Kingspan 100mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £69.36 £0.00
 Kingspan 120mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £83.15 £0.00
 Kingspan 150mm TP10 TW55 TF70
2400mm x 1200mm £140.59 £0.00

Celotex GA4000 PIR Boards

Celotex GA4000 range (previously GA3000) is a multi-purpose PIR insulation board, and is the equivalent of Kingspan's TP10/TF70/TW55 range. It is ideal for floor, walls, and pitched rooves and ceiling and has a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK.

Product Name Size Unit Price Qty. Sub Total
 Celotex 12mm Foil Backed PIR Boards TB4012 (No Longer Available)
2400mm x 1200mm £0.00 £0.00
 Celotex 25mm Foil Backed PIR Boards TB4025
2400mm x 1200mm £21.54 £0.00
 Celotex 30mm Foil Backed PIR Boards TB4030
2400mm x 1200mm £25.71 £0.00
 Celotex 40mm Foil Backed PIR Boards TB4040
2400mm x 1200mm £29.86 £0.00
 Celotex 50mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4050
2400mm x 1200mm £28.43 £0.00
 Celotex 60mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4060
2400mm x 1200mm £43.40 £0.00
 Celotex 70mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4070
2400mm x 1200mm £50.40 £0.00
 Celotex 75mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4075
2400mm x 1200mm £43.26 £0.00
 Celotex 80mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4080
2400mm x 1200mm £57.30 £0.00
 Celotex 90mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4090
2400mm x 1200mm £63.35 £0.00
 Celotex 100mm Foil Backed PIR Boards GA4100
2400mm x 1200mm £53.42 £0.00
 Celotex 120mm Foil Backed PIR Boards XR4120
2400mm x 1200mm £63.00 £0.00
 Celotex 130mm Foil Backed PIR Boards XR4130
2400mm x 1200mm £81.96 £0.00
 Celotex 140mm Foil Backed PIR Boards XR4140
2400mm x 1200mm £73.06 £0.00
 Celotex 150mm Foil Backed PIR Boards XR4150
2400mm x 1200mm £76.94 £0.00

Celotex PL4000 Insulated Plasterboard

Celotex PL4000 is a PIR thermal insulation board bonded to tapered edge plasterboard.
Product Name Size Unit Price Qty. Sub Total
 Celotex PL4025 25mm Insulation+12.5mm Plasterboard
2400mm x 1200mm £52.97 £0.00
 Celotex PL4040 40mm Insualtion+12.5mm Plasterboard
2400mm x 1200mm £62.66 £0.00
 Celotex PL4050 50mm Insualtion+12.5mm Plasterboard
2400mm x 1200mm £66.21 £0.00
 Celotex PL4060 60mm Insualtion+12.5mm Plasterboard
2400mm x 1200mm £79.90 £0.00

Celotex CW4000

A partial fill insulation solution for masonry cavity walls, Celotex CW4000 is a rigid PIR insulation board with high thermal performance, suitable for use in new buildings and extensions.
Product Name Size Unit Price Qty. Sub Total
 Celotex CW4050 50mm Cavity Board (Pack of 11) cover 5.94m2
1200mm x 450mm £66.03 £0.00
 Celotex CW4060 60mm Cavity Board (Pack of 10) covers 5.40m2
1200mm x 450mm £120.04 £0.00
 Celotex CW4075 75mm Cavity Board (Pack of 8) covers 4.32m2
1200mm x 450mm £70.99 £0.00
 Celotex CW4040 40mm Cavity Board (Pack of 14) cover 7.56m2
1200mm x 450mm £83.57 £0.00
 Celotex CW4100 100mm Cavity Board (Pack of 6) covers 3.24m2
1200mm x 450mm £69.20 £0.00

Kingspan Kooltherm K-range

The Kooltherm K-range is an extensive range of premium performance rigid phenolic insulants (a different type of foam to the ones used in the Therma range and a little more thermally efficient). There is often a Therma alternative to each of the K-range of boards:

In performance terms, the K-range products can be considered to be industry leading, premium insulation. They have a thermal conductivity of 0.018W/mK.

Product Name Size Unit Price Qty. Sub Total
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