Insulating your home

The media has bombarded us recently with many ecologically friendly means of reducing our household carbon emmissions. These range from photo voltaic cells on the roof to a boiler lagging jacket. Below is a simple table where we rank these according to cost payback period and tonnes of carbon emissions reduced.

 CostYears to recoup costKg of carbon saved each year
Hot water tank insulation£140.553
Loft Insulation (150-200mm)£1802.2190
Cavity wall Insualtion£4002.9242
Improved heating Controls£1473.477
Draught Proofing windows£1004.343
Micro CHP (combined heat and power )£15716.8508
Photovoltaic electricity cells on roof£1000071000
Solid Wall Insulation£31507.5694
A Rated Boiler£15008.9177
Ground source Heat pump£472512.8990
Micro Wind Turbine£236310.5263
Photo voltaic electricity cells on roof£984446.4249
Solar Water£262554.788
Windows Single to double glazed£400097.626