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Our range includes wall insulation, floor insulation, roof insulation, and renewable insulation - perfect for keeping your home comfortable all year round. We also offer insulation guidance and advice, so you can easily find the right product for your needs.

Market leading product range

Shop from the UK's leading brands, including Kingspan, Celotex, Gyproc Thermaline, Rockwool, and Thermafleece, with free shipping on Celotex and Kingspan orders over £1000.

Wall Insulation Range

Add comfort to your home by keeping the heat in during the winter, whilst keeping cool when the sun comes out with our range of wall insulation.

Our range includes market leading insulation from the three biggest suppliers Kingspan, Celotex and British Gypsum.

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Floor Insulation Range

Create a comfortable environment with our floor insulation range that will give you the ideal insulation for your property.

Meet building regulations with the Celotex GA400 or Kingspan TF70 range, or upgrade to the Kooltherm range.

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Roof Insulation Range

Reduce heat loss and your heating bills by insulating your loft, attic or flat roof with our range of roof insulation.

With market leading products for all roof types, including pitched, we have you covered for roof insulation.

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Renewable Insulation Range

Use nature’s insulation with the UK’s leading brand of natural and sustainable insulation, the Thermafleece insulation range.

This innovative range comes in slabs and rolls, delivering high performance insulation whilst being kind to the environment.

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