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Planet Insulation deliveries are free if your order exceeds 300 pre VAT.

For orders below £300 we charge £25, a charge imposed upon us now, due to high fuel prices. We now do not accept orders below £140 ( before VAT), again this is a limit set by our distributors.

If you wish to pick up from one of many local depots this can be arranged by calling in advance.

When ordering on line you can specify the date of delivery. If you are in a hurry we can often get materials out within 48 hours but orders would need to be placed by phone and normally before 12.30 p.m.

Please note that the vehicles are driver only , so sufficient help needs to be on hand to help offload the vehicle. Insulation is often bulky. Deliveries are most likely to show up between 8.00 and 3.00pm however occasionally they can come later due to traffic. We cannot tell in advance where in this time slot your delivery is likely to be.

Often vehicles are large so if access is limited to your site please let us know in advance.

We will not deliver to the Scottish Isles, the Isle of White or the Isle of Man, we can however deliver to the nearest port to the courier of your choice.

Please note that we cannot deliver Celotex on Northern Scotland and would prefer if you chose Kingspan.

A further note on Kingspan and Celotex. We distribute the two brands from different Depots. Where a customer mixes Kingspan and Celotex in an order, and the order is small, we might request that the customer switches to one brand as it might not be feasible for us to send out two deliveries.

Please take a moment to read our returns policy which is standard across the industry it is contained in section 11 or our terms and conditions. Please make a special note of point 11.8 which refers to bespoke orders. These are orders where we are ordering on behalf of the customer in pack sizes. This is normaly less available products such as Kingspan K7, Kingspan K3 ,Kingspan K12, Celotex FF4000, Celotex PL4000 and other products where pack sizes are indicated. Simply stated if ordered they are not subject to the same returns policy as our other products.