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Thermafleece NatraHemp

Thermafleece NatraHemp

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Hemp is a fast-growing, low-impact plant crop that produces fine fibres suitable for insulation. Thermafleece NatraHemp is a medium density insulation rich in natural hemp fibres and is a safe, efficient and durable alternative when plant fibre is the preferred choice.

Thermafleece NatraHemp fits securely between rafters, joists and studs providing excellent thermal insulation performance. What’s more, with a density of 28 kg/m3, Thermafleece NatraHemp can provide good acoustic insulation in a variety of systems.


  • Roofs – Loft & warm roof
  • Walls – Timber frame & solid (internal)
  • Floors – All levels above DPC
  • Acoustic – Walls, floors & roofs

Why Insulate with Thermafleece NatraHemp?

Insulating a property will significantly reduce the amount of energy lost from the building envelope, reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere.

Performance: With a Thermal Conductivity of 0.042 W/mK, Thermafleece NatraHemp provides an effective level of insulation performance.

Cost Effective: Energy savings from using Thermafleece NatraHemp meaning it can pay for itself in a few years.

Long Lasting: Thermafleece NatraHemp contains a lofting agent to maintain durability, fibre stability and structural integrity creating a long-lasting insulation.

Quality Assured: Thermafleece NatraHemp is manufactured and supplied in accordance with ISO 9001 qms.

Sustainable: Thermafleece NatraHemp can reduce CO2 emissions by many tonnes over the lifetime of use. What’s more, hemp fixes carbon dioxide helping reduce greenhouse gas levels.

Safe: Thermafleece CosyWool Slab is safe to handle and can be recycled or safely disposed of at the end of its life.


Thermafleece NatraHemp is harmless and can be installed without gloves or protective clothing, although we recommend you wear a dust mask in enclosed spaces such as lofts. Thermafleece NatraHemp is not irritating to the skin, eyes or respiratory tract.

To retain the benefits of water vapour, absorption and release, Thermafleece NatraHemp roll may be used in conjunction with a vapour permeable underlay. Protect the insulation from prolonged exposure to sunlight when unpacked and avoid wetting for extended periods, store under cover and clear of the ground.

If the insulation gets wet during storage or as a result of flooding in service, remove the affected insulation and replace with new.

When installed in walls and floors, spaces filled with NatraHemp should be considered as concealed voids for the purposes of fire and cavity barriers installed as appropriate. Thermafleece NatraHemp is not suitable for use as a cavity barrier.


Thermafleece NatraHemp can be cut using a straight edge and a Stanley knife, or simply torn apart.


You can also cut Thermafleece by tightly compressing or clamping the insulation between two pieces of solid 15mm board. Overhang the fleece where you want to cut keeping the two board edges aligned. Saw cut the edge using a sharp, scalloped edged knife and keep the blade firm and square against both board edges throughout. Trim any fine remaining fibres with large scissors or shears.

Key Facts and Specification

  • Thermal Conductivity – 0.042 W/mK
  • Acoustics – EN 11654:1997 Class A @ 70mm and 100mm
  • Density - 28 kgm3
  • Highly Breathable
  • Made in the UK
  • Can be recycled
  • Water Absorption (@100% RH): 17% w/w
  • Specific Heat Capacity: 1800 Jkg-1K-1
  • Vapour Resistivity: 9 MN·s·g-1m-1
  • BS 5803-4, Flammability & Smoulder Resistance: Pass
  • Embodied Energy - 10MJ/kg
  • Recycled Content - 37.5%

R Values

 Thickness (mm) Thermal Resistance (Km2W)
50 1.19
70 1.67
100 2.38
140 3.33
170 4.05
270 6.43
300 7.14
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